MpegUtil version 1.0

MpegUtil is an analysis and edit program for MPEG-1 video files. One or more input files can be specified, and the program will give a full range of statistics about the files. In addition to analysis, the program can perform simple editing operations: file concatenation, clip extraction, B and P frame removal.

The information generated includes a listing of all the frames and Groups of Pictures (GoP) contained within the input files. For frames, this includes their type (I, P, B) and their frame index in the file. For GoPs this shows the Gop start and end in the file, and whether they are Open, Closed, or have the Broken link set. This listing is given in both decode (the order of frame appearance within the file) and display order.

A summary of various statistical information is generated, this shows: frame width and height, pixel aspect ratio, picture rate/bit rate per second, count of frames (I, P, B and total frames), Gops (Closed and Open), average byte size and compression ratio of I, P and B frames etc.

In addition, some limited MPEG-1 conformance checks are made, this includes checks on the type of frames at GoP start and ends in both decode and display order, and checks on the correctness of frame temporal reference counts.

MpegUtil is available as a compressed tar archive, and can be obtained by clicking here.

MpegUtil was developed by, and is Copyright Phillip Lougher 1995.

Permission to use and distribute this software and its documentation is hereby granted, subject to the provision that all files are distributed unaltered, and that no profit is made from its distribution.

This software is provided "as is", without any warranty either express or implied. In no event shall the author (Phillip Lougher) be liable for any damages arising out of the use of this software. The user of this software assumes all risk as to its quality and accuracy.

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